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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to contact you?

The best way is to email us at [email protected] or message us on 07759 237437. We prefer to spend our time looking after our doggy guests rather than sitting by the phone so there may a delay in getting back to you. We only answer replies during open hours so we may not get back to you the same day.


Do you offer day care on weekends or bank holidays.

No, sorry Fundays dog day care only opens Monday-Friday.


Do you offer a pick up/drop off service?

We do not currently offer this service. We may be able to help in the case of emergencies but this is dependent on location and staff availability.


Can I see the facilities before sending my dog?

We do not make appointments to view the facilities for welfare and insurance purposes. If you are interested in sending your dog please fill in a trial application. There will be the opportunity then to meet us and view our facility.


How do I arrange for my dog to come to Fundays?

In the first instance please fill in the application form available from our website. After that we would need to arrange a trial for your dog to assess your dog’s behaviour and suitability for daycare before we can offer them a place.


Do you take un-neutered dogs?

We take un-neutered females but they cannot attend during their season, we only take un- neutered males until they hit the humping stage! Usually about 6-9 months.


Can you feed my dog at daycare?

For puppies who are still on multiple feeds per day we are happy to feed your dog for you. They will be fed separately from the other dogs & you will need to supply the food in single meal portions in individually labelled containers with the time you wish them to be fed.


Where do you walk the dogs?

All dogs are walked daily within our own 15 acres of private land. We also on occasion take dogs to one of the many open spaces around Oxfordshire.


How many dogs do you walk at a time?

We will never take more than 5 dogs out at one time per member of staff normally it is less than this.


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Can puppies come to dog day care?

Yes puppies are welcome at daycare, in fact it's hugely beneficial for them to be responsibly socialised from an early age. As soon as they have had all their vaccinations & your vet has given them a clean bill of health they are welcome at Fundays dog day care, as long as we have a space available. We know puppies have certain requirements and as such this may limit the choice of which activities they take part in. We do currently have puppies with us and some of our regular dogs have been with us since they were pups.


What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

We are extremely careful in how we select dogs for day care. One of the allocation procedures is to make sure they are in a suitable group of dogs, sometimes this may be size, age or play style specific.


Do you only accept well trained dogs?

No, in fact many owners have noticed a marked improvement in their dog’s behaviour after regularly attending Fundays Dog Day care. However we only accept dogs that have no history of aggression.


Do you do any training with the dogs?

We don’t carry out set training sessions, however we do integrate training of various types into their daily activities.


What happens if its bad weather outside?

Although most dogs are perfectly happy to play and exercise in many weathers, we have various heated inside areas including play, swimming and chilling out facilities.


Do I need to book the same days each week?

Yes. The pricing structure is based on the same day(s) every week. If the days differ it would constitute an occasional booking. This affects the price and availability. However it is sometimes possible to book additional days based on availability. Priority is always given to our regular dogs.


Can my dog stay at day care overnight?

No. Dogs cannot stay at the day care overnight. If you require boarding, we are next to Acremead Boarding Kennels and we are happy to drop your dog off to them at the end of the day and/or collect them in the morning for you. You will need to book the stay with Acremead Kennels direct though as we are separate businesses and do not have access to their booking system.


Do I need to bring a toy or bed to day care?

We ask that you do not bring anything into day care with you, we have all the toys, beds, blankets and bowls they will need. All they will need is the collar and lead they come in with.


Are there any breeds/types you do not accept?

We do not accept dogs that show aggressive behaviour. All other applicants are assessed on an individual basis.

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