The doggy day care your dog would choose! Based at the Acremead Dog Boarding Kennels grounds in Drayton, between Abingdon & Didcot Oxfordshire

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Open: Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm

                            Friday 8am-5.30pm

About Fundays Dog Day Care Oxfordshire

Fundays Dog Day care is the result of one of those put the worlds to rights chats over a cup of coffee!


The chat was between Sarah and myself (Catherine), we both met some years ago when we were working for the assistance dog charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as instructors.  At hearing dogs we trained a variety of different dogs and gained a lot of experience in overcoming behaviour problems in dogs (and people!). One of the things I personally found the most rewarding was that Hearing dogs had a policy of selecting lots of rescue dogs, which meant that the charity did a lot of good work to help change lives of both dogs and people for the better. Another thing was that we could take our dogs to work.In fact my dog used to help me on some of the visits to hearing dog recipients, for example if a dog had developed a bit of problem with recall I would use my dog to teach the other dog what to do and that recall could be fun.


Unfortunately most people can’t take their dogs to work, and our conversation became about the lack of really good doggy daycare in Oxfordshire. It’s not that we’re saying the other dog day care services aren’t good, different things suit different dogs. It’s just that for our own dogs we would want excellent professional, but loving care and somewhere that was not only a safe place to leave your dog while you were busy, but also enriched the life of your dog.


Having grown up with dogs and worked with dogs professionally for over 25 years between us, we wanted a day care facility that was like a playschool for dogs, where they would have all the things that dogs should

have : supervised social interaction, mental stimulation, love and fuss and the freedom to play outside and go for walks. A place where they also learn how to settle calmly in the company of their pals after all the fun. We wanted to create a puppy nursery section so that puppies can have positive experiences with other dogs, which is essential for a well rounded adult dog and helps avoid all sorts of problems in later life. Sadly you only need to go dog walking a few times to see the unfortunate result of under socialised dogs.


Happily my mum and dad have an excellent dog boarding kennels near Abingdon with plenty of space (15 acres)...and kindly agreed to let us site a doggy crèche and day care centre on their land, aren’t parents great! So we invited some dogs over and Fundays Dog Daycare was born.





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